Choosing the Right Equipment

It's Not Always A New Compressor

We look at your whole compressed air system. In many cases, a new compressor isn't the best way to improve your system. When we consider users in your plant, running pressure and air treatment,  we can often save you money by fixing the system as a whole.

Can't I Just Buy a Bigger VFD?

Of course you can! But by doing so, you may jeopardize your plants robustness. A VFD isn't the magic solution to all your compressed air problems. Often a smaller, less expensive option can do the job, while adding resiliency to your system.

Who Can I Trust?

Trusting someone who stands to benefit from a specific compressed air solution may not be your best option. We believe you need an impartial company with a genuine interest in helping you achieve your efficiency goals.

Why Should I Pay for a Study When I Can Get One for Free?

What's that saying? "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Perhaps that free survey isn't as comprehensive as you are hoping for...

Is It All About Air Leaks?

We do look for major leaks in a plant and fixing them is important. But without a system that is running well, just fixing leaks won't give you many long term energy savings.

What Makes Us Different?

We are an honest company. We are passionate about compressed air and taking the mystery out of the industry. Let us help you truly understand your system!